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'A really scary feeling': Private security firm accused of using force against UCLA protesters

05/23/24 10:00 AM

Witnesses accused guards from Apex Security Group of acting aggressively at UCLA in recent weeks, including one incident where a student protester was punched in the face.

'Aggressive shark behavior' closes ocean access in San Clemente

05/27/24 9:39 PM

A shark knocked a surfer off their board on Sunday night in San Clemente, prompting ocean access closures.

'General Hospital' actor Johnny Wactor dies at 37 after being shot in Los Angeles

05/27/24 9:26 AM

The actor was best known for his role as Brando Corbin in the soap opera.

'I got a job, I got class': Why Cal State L.A. isn't roiling with protest

05/22/24 10:00 AM

The vibe at Cal State L.A.'s pro-Palestinian encampment is quieter than the raucous scenes that have unfolded at some SoCal campuses. One key difference: the number of students juggling schoolwork with outside jobs and family duties.

2 inmates on the run after escaping Louisiana jail, police say

05/27/24 5:50 PM

Police in Louisiana said Monday they caught two of the four inmates who escaped from jail over the weekend, unbeknownst to guards.

20 dead across Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri and Kansas in severe storms

05/27/24 5:26 PM

Severe storms over the weekend led to the deaths of at least 18 people across Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri and Kansas.

26-year-old suspect identified in Massachusetts alleged stabbing spree: DA

05/26/24 9:48 PM

A man is in custody after allegedly stabbing four girls inside a movie theater in Braintree, Massachusetts, and two adults at a nearby McDonald's, prosecutors said.

42-year-old dies in shooting early Sunday morning

05/26/24 4:50 PM

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — A 42-year-old man died following a shooting early Sunday morning, Buffalo police said. Police said a man arrived at ECMC in a civilian vehicle just after 2:30 a.m. Sunday with multiple gunshot wounds. The man, from Buffalo, was later pronounced dead at the hospital. Police confirmed that the shooting occurred at [...]

81-year-old arrested after police say he terrorized a California neighborhood with a slingshot

05/27/24 7:10 PM

Police say terrorized a California neighborhood for years with a slingshot.

A portion of Mulholland Drive, damaged by mudslides in winter storms, reopens

05/25/24 11:46 PM

A portion of Los Angeles' Mulholland Drive has reopened after it was damaged during a monster storm that unleashed mud and debris flows nearly four months ago.

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