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Amy Coney Barrett takes oath as Supreme Court justice, as GOP celebrates 6-3 conservative majority

10/27/20 1:51 AM

Barrett was set to begin work, participate in her first private conference with colleagues, and take her place on the bench, all before Election Day.       

Donald Trump made many promises in 2016 and early in his term. Which has he kept and what is he still working on?

10/27/20 10:32 AM

Trump has kept a number of pledges, including tax cuts and conservative judges. But not on others such as bringing back coal and replacing Obamacare.       

30 Philadelphia officers injured, one run over by truck, in protests after police fatally shoot Black man

10/27/20 12:29 PM

Dozens of police officers were injured and more than 30 people were arrested during protests in Philadelphia over the death of Walter Wallace, Jr.       

Election Day is in 7 days. Here's when we might know a winner and how each candidate could claim victory

10/27/20 12:39 PM

As officials count absentee ballots in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan, the Sun Belt could have a fuller picture on election night.       

'I will be put out of my house': Some Americans who struggled early in crisis are on brink, others find jobs

10/27/20 12:35 PM

Some unemployed Americans who spoke to USA TODAY early in the COVID-19 crisis are still in danger. Others have found full- or part-time jobs.      

How do Trump's extraordinary betrayals stand up against history? He could be the worst.

10/27/20 8:00 AM

Putting Trump in context is the best way to highlight and understand his betrayals. History is the highest court, and its verdict can't be appealed.       

Bears' Nick Foles, Matt Nagy respond to ESPN analyst Brian Griese's comments during 'Monday Night Football'

10/27/20 6:04 AM

Nick Foles had to clarify eye-opening comments ESPN "Monday Night Football" analyst Brian Griese relayed during the Rams-Bears broadcast.       

'Rescued from this evil': 179 arrested, 45 missing children recovered in Ohio's 'Operation Autumn Hope'

10/27/20 3:15 AM

An operation involving more than 50 law enforcement offices and other agencies led to 179 arrests and the recovery of 45 missing children in Ohio.       

'They agree with me.' Trump courts Sanders supporters at rallies; progressives say it won't work

10/27/20 11:34 AM

Democrats called Trump's messaging on Sen. Bernie Sanders "desperate," pointing to Biden's lead in polls, and asserted the party is unified this time.       

Jared Kushner criticized after saying Black Americans need to 'want to be successful'

10/27/20 12:16 AM

White House adviser Jared Kushner is criticized after saying President Donald Trump can't help Black Americans if they don't want to succeed.       

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