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From rival to running mate: What 'fearless fighter' Kamala Harris brings to Joe Biden's ticket

08/12/20 1:04 AM

Kamala Harris and Joe Biden clashed at a debate last year. But Biden didn't hold a grudge and on Tuesday chose the "fearless fighter" for his ticket.       

Who is Kamala Harris? A look at Joe Biden's vice presidential running mate

08/12/20 12:12 AM

Kamala Harris becomes the first Black woman and the first Asian American person on a major party's presidential ticket.       

Outdoor dining may save restaurants during COVID-19. But are diners at risk from cars plowing into them?

08/12/20 12:51 AM

Cities around the country are allowing -- or helping -- restaurants create outdoor dining areas, sometimes in the street. Recipe for disaster?       

Opinion: No joy in canceling Big Ten, Pac-12 seasons, despite what opportunists will say

08/11/20 9:58 PM

Contrary to what the football-loving, mask-hating Twitterverse believes, there is no joy for anyone in fall sports succumbing to coronavirus fallout.       

Trump attacks Kamala Harris over Kavanaugh hearings in first remarks since she was named Biden's running mate

08/11/20 11:39 PM

Trump's comments come after the Biden campaign announced Harris as his running mate this fall.       

Quarantine FOMO: Why you may still fear missing out, even when everything is canceled

08/12/20 12:00 AM

With travel plans nixed and many stuck in quarantine, is FOMO alleviated in 2020? Nope: Mental health experts say fear of missing out still thrives.      

Highest-paid actors of 2020: Dwayne Johnson is No. 1, again

08/11/20 11:18 PM

Dwayne Johnson tops the Forbes list of highest-paid actors, which also includes, in order, Ryan Reynolds, Mark Wahlberg and Ben Affleck.       

'Let's win this, together': Biden, Harris spouses gear up for campaign trail over Twitter

08/11/20 10:03 PM

After the announcement that they will be on the campaign trail together, the spouses of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris expressed their camaraderie in a Twitter exchange on Tuesday.       

Are we done wearing high heels? Here's why I am even after the coronavirus era ends

08/10/20 8:53 PM

After being stuck inside and accustomed to comfort, are we done with heels? Here's why I am.       

President Donald Trump calls NBA players 'very nasty' and 'very dumb' for kneeling during anthem

08/11/20 5:33 PM

Donald Trump says in interview NBA players kneeling during anthem "has been horrible for basketball," and calls players "very nasty" and "very dumb."       

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