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Nigeria's nightlife dwindles amid coronavirus restrictions

05/29/20 2:29 PM

Sensei Uche has earned a living for the last three years as a "hype man" in Nigeria's entertainment capital Lagos, standing alongside the DJ in bars and clubs and whipping up dancers' enthusiasm.

Go-go bars gone as coronavirus hits Bangkok's sex district

05/29/20 1:26 PM

The black leather party masks that performers May and Som wear for their fetish shows in Bangkok are definitely not the sort to stop the coronavirus.

Jamaican bobsleigh team push a Mini to keep Olympic dream alive

05/29/20 12:52 PM

The Jamaican bobsleigh team is used to training without snow, but the coronavirus lockdown has seen its male athletes resort to pushing a car around the streets of an English city to stay in shape,...

France's Louvre museum to reopen July 6, Versailles June 6

05/29/20 12:41 PM

The Louvre museum in Paris will reopen on July 6, it said on Friday, as France's historical and cultural sites emerge gradually from the coronavirus lockdown.

All dressed up, no prom to go to

05/29/20 12:34 PM

Like Cinderella, Emily Appleton dreamed of going to the ball and dancing with her Prince Charming. But the coronavirus spoiled everything.

Little fear, lots of love as Madrid medics do home rounds amid pandemic

05/29/20 9:47 AM

With air kisses and palms clasped, elderly patients in Madrid greet medics who come to check them at home during the coronavirus pandemic despite the risks involved.

Life imitates art as Russian group attracts mock-up masterpieces

05/29/20 6:56 AM

A Russian-language Facebook group that started off as a playful attempt by a group of friends to get through the coronavirus lockdown by recreating art masterpieces using everyday items has become an...

The new normal: How safe are beaches?

05/28/20 1:29 PM

People are hitting the beach as coronavirus restrictions start to ease and summer begins in the northern hemisphere, but access might be limited and public health officials still urge caution,...

Electric motorbike gives women in rural Zimbabwe a path out of poverty

05/28/20 10:34 AM

In the rural Zimbabwe district of Wedza, a new electric-powered motorcycle is helping bring income to poor women and easing the burden of looking after families.

Looking in, looking out: world emerges from lockdown with mixed feelings

05/28/20 5:45 AM

As much of the world begins to emerge from lockdown, people are looking back at time spent cut off from friends, family and colleagues by the coronavirus and forward to what happens next.

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