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'90 Day Fiancé': Patrick and Thaís, Kara and Guillermo Reveal They're Expecting!

08/14/22 1:00 PM

The two couples are on the current season of '90 Day Fiancé.'

'A League of Their Own' gets a makeover in an ambitious but uneven Amazon series

08/11/22 5:23 PM

Thirty years later, "A League of Their Own" receives a major makeover in a narratively ambitious but uneven Amazon series, providing timely filters on the World War II-era drama while dialing down the laughs. Specifically, the show considers what it was like to be a lesbian or Black during that period, operating along parallel tracks on a slow march through the season.

'A League Of Their Own' Is The Kind Of Reboot You Can Root For

08/12/22 1:37 PM

The Prime Video series is full of heart and provides depth to its characters in a way that totally enraptures viewers.

'A League of Their Own' series remake aims for a home run

08/13/22 3:21 PM

"A League of Their Own" is back as a TV series remake. Based on the hit 1992 film about a World War II-era All-American pro women's baseball team, the series debuts on Amazon Prime on August 12.

'Big Brother' Eviction: Daniel Durston Addresses Tirade That Brought Taylor Hale to Tears (Exclusive)

08/13/22 4:14 PM

Durston addressed the backlash following his epic eviction from the series.

'Bullet Train' moves plenty fast

08/05/22 6:30 PM

"Bullet Train" certainly moves at an appropriately brisk pace, with Brad Pitt heading a sprawling cast. But the breakneck action is offset by a smart-alecky tone that proves both uneven and occasionally too cute for its own good, along with a mashup of styles -- from the music to the visuals -- that comes across like a Quentin Tarantino wannabe, with a dash of "Deadpool" for good measure.

'Five Days at Memorial' takes a grim look back at Hurricane Katrina's tragic toll

08/11/22 3:09 PM

A grim reminder of the catastrophic institutional failures associated with Hurricane Katrina, "Five Days at Memorial" captures the personal toll and terrible choices made under the most adverse of conditions. Working backward from the 45 dead bodies discovered in Memorial Hospital, it's a compelling fact-based look at those five days as well as their aftermath.

'Hamilton' team responds to Texas church's unauthorized performance

08/10/22 3:36 AM

A Texas church performed "Hamilton" this weekend, but the team behind the Tony-award winning production says it shouldn't have happened.

'Hopefully My Mom Is Free From Pain': Anne Heche's Son Gives Emotional Statement

08/13/22 2:31 PM

Homer Laffoon paid tribute to his mother, Anne Heche, after she was declared legally dead.

'I Just Killed My Dad' is Netflix's latest true-crime series not to watch with the whole family

08/09/22 6:11 PM

As titles not to watch with the kids go, "I Just Killed My Dad" has to rank pretty high on the list. Yet there are enough twists in Netflix's latest true-crime docuseries to keep audiences engaged, with another sensational case that's more of a whydunit -- given the killer's immediate confession -- than who.

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