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5 Mistakes to Avoid When Caring for a Senior Loved One

01/15/24 2:15 PM

Transitioning into a caregiver's role for an elderly family member is challenging. To ensure the best care, it's crucial to understand common missteps that caregivers often make. From handling everything on your own to overlooking the caregiver's wellbeing and recent health concerns, learn from expert advice on how to avoid these mistakes and provide comprehensive care for your senior loved one. The post 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Caring for a Senior Loved One appeared first on Health and Natural Healing Tips.

7 Most Effective Exercises

05/06/24 10:55 AM

Not all exercises are created equal. Some are simply more efficient than others, whether they target multiple muscle groups, are suitable for a wide variety of fitness levels, or help you burn calories more effectively.

7 Signs That You Have Thyroid Problems

04/04/24 4:16 PM

Thyroid issues impact the body, affecting aspects such as energy levels and metabolism. The thyroid plays a role in regulating numerous bodily functions. If it malfunctions, it can result in symptoms that might indicate a thyroid problem. Here Are 7 signs To Be Mindful That You May Have Thyroid Problems Unexplained Changes in Weight When the thyroid is underactive (hypothyroidism), it slows down metabolism, leading to weight gain. Conversely, an overactive thyroid (hyperthyroidism) causes weight loss. If you observe fluctuations in your weight without a reason, it’s advisable to seek advice from a healthcare professional. Fatigue and Weakness Persistent fatigue and weakness despite sleep could indicate thyroid dysfunction. Thyroid hormones help produce energy; when their levels are imbalanced, they can result in fatigue and weakness. If you struggle with exhaustion throughout the day after resting at night, consider having your thyroid function evaluated. Changes in Mood and Cognitive Function Thyroid issues can also affect well-being, leading to mood swings, anxiety, or depression. Additionally, you may encounter difficulties concentrating or experience brain fog and memory problems. If these cognitive shifts go unchecked, they can impact how you live and handle tasks efficiently. Have you noticed any changes in your mood or mental state lately? It might be an idea to have your thyroid checked out. Changes in Hair and Skin Condition Your skin and hair condition can offer insights into your thyroid functioning. Dry, rough hair that easily breaks could indicate a thyroid problem, while excessive sweating, thinning hair, or skin... The post 7 Signs That You Have Thyroid Problems appeared first on Health and Natural Healing Tips.

A Healthy Lifestyle Can Add Years to Life, Despite 'Bad' Genes

05/09/24 1:47 PM

Turn around those bad family genes with four lifestyle changes.

A Therapist’s Perspective

05/06/24 11:45 AM

A therapist talks about managing major depressive disorder (MDD): what to expect, strategies for dealing with setbacks, and when to talk to your therapist.

Age-Related Macular Degeneration: Putting a Hole in Our World

05/10/24 1:31 PM

Estimates show that by 2040, age-related macular degeneration may affect nearly 300 million people worldwide. And we are very limited in our ability to treat or prevent it. Here's what to know.

Are Female Doctors Better? Here's What to Know

05/01/24 12:11 PM

A new study suggests female doctors may provide patients better care, especially when those patients are women. Here's what to know.

Are you a Mystic? Explore the Realm of the Mystic Archetype

06/29/23 8:48 PM

To show up as the best version of self is to consistently return to the Mystic’s code of presence and truth, which naturally enlivens the essence of wonder in every step on the journey.  The post Are you a Mystic? Explore the Realm of the Mystic Archetype appeared first on Wanderlust.

Behind the Spike in Colorectal Cancer Among Young Americans

05/15/24 11:59 AM

Colorectal cancer cases increased a whopping 333% among 15- to 19-year-olds and 185% among 20- to 24-year-olds from 1999 to 2020.

Biden Administration Advances Plan To Remove Medical Debt From Credit Scores

06/11/24 7:26 PM

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau proposed federal regulations that would prevent unpaid medical bills from being counted on consumers’ credit reports.

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