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Eli Lilly Antibody Drug Fails In A COVID-19 Study; Others Go On

10/27/20 7:33 AM

In a setback for one of the most promising treatment approaches, officials found a low chance that the drug would prove helpful for hospitalized patients.

The Third Coronavirus Surge Is Here And Masks Are Still Optional

10/27/20 5:45 AM

COVID-19 cases are spiking in America and experts worry the darkest days are yet to come.

How Does COVID-19 Spread Differently Than The Flu?

10/27/20 5:45 AM

There are some similarities between coronavirus and influenza transmission, but also a few scary and distinct differences.

Justice Kagan Says Supreme Court 'Failed' To Protect Voters Amid Pandemic

10/26/20 9:40 PM

The liberal justices dissented as the Supreme Court ruled against extending Wisconsin’s deadline to count mailed-in ballots received after Election Day.

Senate Confirms Amy Coney Barrett To The Supreme Court

10/26/20 8:03 PM

Every Democrat opposed President Donald Trump's nominee, who will tilt the court to a 6-3 conservative majority, likely for years to come.

Polish Women Protest At Catholic Churches Over Country's Near-Total Abortion Ban

10/26/20 1:45 PM

Women disrupted services and offered protest cards instead of donations in defiance of a new law that bans abortions due to fetal defects.

I’m 1 Of The 865,000 Women Pushed Out Of The Workforce Due To COVID-19 Last Month

10/26/20 9:00 AM

In my team of essential workers, I am the only one who had to stop working. I'm also the only single mother.

Coronavirus Pandemic, Spiking Hot Spots Spark Fear And Anxiety In U.S.

10/26/20 1:09 AM

As of Sunday, there were more than 8.6 million confirmed infections in the U.S., with deaths climbing to over 225,000.

Obama Shares Joe Biden's Year-Old Pandemic Prophecy

10/25/20 7:31 PM

Exactly one year ago, the former vice president tweeted concerns that the U.S. was not prepared to handle a global pandemic.

Biden Blasts Trump As U.S. COVID-19 Cases Mount And Pence Staff Endures Outbreak

10/25/20 6:49 PM

The United States in the past two days has registered its highest number of new COVID-19 cases – about 84,000 on Friday and about 79,900 on Saturday.

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