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"Beautiful Message": Iran Ex-President Backs Anti-Government Protest

12/08/22 3:06 AM

Many Iranian workers went on strike and students boycotted classes Wednesday, rights groups said, as a former president offered public support for the protests sparked by Mahsa Amini's death.

"Loose Talk": US Slams Putin's Comment On Nuclear Weapons Amid Ukraine War

12/08/22 4:40 AM

The United States on Thursday denounced "loose talk" on nuclear weapons after Russian President Vladimir Putin said Moscow would only use an atomic weapon in response to an enemy strike.

"Russia Nuke Threat Reduced" By International Pressure: German Chancellor

12/08/22 6:23 AM

The risk of Russian President Vladimir President Putin using nuclear weapons as part of his war in Ukraine has decreased in response to international pressure, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said in an...

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"We have to listen and learn": Iroquois Schools respond to NYSED Native American mascot memo

12/08/22 3:45 AM

ELMA, N.Y. (WIVB) — Members of the Iroquois Central School District are mulling the district being forced to change its nickname, mascot and logo over a new State Department of Education regulation. Schools that refuse to get rid of their Native American mascot, logo or name risk losing state funding and the removal of school [...]

'Boy in the box': Victim finally ID'd in city's oldest homicide case

12/08/22 5:18 AM

A little boy killed more than 60 years ago has finally been identified.

'Don't Say Gay' Florida lawmaker indicted for wire fraud, money laundering

12/07/22 9:17 PM

Joseph Harding, a Florida state lawmaker behind the so-called "Don't Say Gay" bill, has been indicted on wire fraud, money laundering and false statements charges.

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'A Philly Special Christmas': Eagles stars to release album

12/07/22 9:49 AM

They might not be Elvis or Bing Crosby, but Eagles linemen Jason Kelce, Lane Johnson and Jordan Mailata have made an album of Christmas tunes. They also recruited A.J. Brown and Jalen Hurts to lend their vocal talents.

'I didn't want to just be another guy': Inside Lauri Markkanen's star turn in Utah

11/25/22 9:08 AM

Lauri Markkanen seemingly transcended the confines of being a role player overnight, transforming into one of this season's biggest surprises. And it started with a trade to the Utah Jazz.

'I don't see this as a demotion at all': James Wiseman embracing G League journey

11/26/22 6:21 AM

The Warriors need James Wiseman. But first, they need him to learn to become a viable NBA big man.