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"Dragon Of Death" Flying Reptile Found. It Lived 86 Million Years Ago

05/24/22 8:56 AM

Argentine scientists discovered a new species of a huge flying reptile dubbed "The Dragon of Death" that lived 86 millions of years ago alongside dinosaurs, in a find shedding fresh insight on a...

"End Of An Era": New York's Iconic Payphone Booths Are Now Defunct

05/24/22 10:25 AM

Marking the end of an era, New York City on Monday removed the last of its storied payphone booths, which have fallen victim to the ubiquity of free Wi-fi and cell phones in recent years.

"Meaningless": Iconic Iran River Threatened By Droughts, Diversions

05/24/22 9:48 AM

The famed river bridges of the Iranian city of Isfahan are a beloved tourist draw -- but much of the time their stone arches span just sand and rocks, not water.

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"I want my sister-in-law to be remembered forever": Remembering the life of Geraldine Talley

05/23/22 9:56 PM

Geraldine Talley's family remembers her as someone who was open, honest and brave. Through poetry, her brother-in-law Brian has found a way to grieve and share more about what she meant to him. He plans to read the poem on Friday at her funeral.

'Gimme Shelter': How California's top cop enforces housing laws

05/17/22 6:05 PM

California Atty. Gen. Rob Bonta has cracked down on cities he says are violating state laws that encourage more housing development.

'They're not trying to die': How drug checking aims to protect users in a messy market

05/22/22 12:00 PM

Overdoses claimed some 107,000 lives last year in the U.S. Public health advocates, researchers and activists want to help people find out what is in their drugs.

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'It stings': Panthers' historic year ends in sweep

05/24/22 1:56 AM

The Florida Panthers became the first Presidents' Trophy winners to be swept from a playoff series since the 2019 Tampa Bay Lightning were ousted by Columbus in the first round.

'Tiger Woods won this Masters' — Skip Bayless I UNDISPUTED

04/11/22 3:49 PM

Despite shooting 6-over his final two rounds, Tiger Woods making the cut and playing all 72 holes was the bigger story after the Masters. Skip Bayless shares his thoughts on Tiger's performance.

2020 Ballon d'Or Award Cancelled

07/20/20 1:18 PM

The biggest prize in the world of soccer won't be awarded this year, due to the conditions created by the COVID pandemic.