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"If Not Now, When?": Pandemic Investigator Urges Reforms

05/12/21 4:45 PM

Panel member Michel Kazatchkine, a French diplomat and former director of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, called for immediate action to ensure the world must never again face...

"One Of The Most Kind People You Would Ever Meet": She Escaped The Holocaust But Not The Pandemic

01/06/21 12:24 PM

Malvina Shabes escaped Poland during World War II and found refuge in Canada. A COVID-19 outbreak in a retirement home killed her.View Entire Post ›

"Reason That India Is In Dire Straits...": What Dr Fauci Told US Senate

05/12/21 1:01 PM

India made the "incorrect assumption" that it was finished with the COVID-19 pandemic and opened up prematurely that has left the country in such "dire straits", America's top infectious disease...

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'Black fungus' is appearing more frequently among COVID-19 patients in India. What to know about the deadly infection.

05/12/21 3:20 PM

Mucormycosis, commonly known as black fungus, mainly affects people who have health problems or take medicines that lower the body's immune system.      

'Do not fill plastic bags with gasoline': US Consumer Product Safety Commission weighs in on gas shortage in Southeast

05/12/21 5:27 PM

As people flock to gas stations in wake of the cyberattack on the Colonial Pipeline, the federal consumer agency reminded people of safe gas measures.      

'I don't know how I can survive.' Women have been hit hardest by COVID's economic toll

05/07/21 8:00 AM

The pandemic's "shecession" could set back decades of progress on workplace equality, especially among Latina, Black and Asian women.

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'Depressing' 48-year low for American tennis

05/12/21 2:07 AM

Men's tennis in the United States has fallen off a cliff, and there's a 'complicated' reason behind the fall.

'This is just where I belong': Inside Drew Robinson's return to the field

05/12/21 9:51 AM

Thirteen months after he lost his right eye in a suicide attempt, Drew Robinson's home run on Tuesday night -- in the finale of the series in his hometown -- is just the latest miracle in his remarkable journey.

31 Thoughts Podcast: Shane Wright on winning world under-18 championship gold

05/12/21 9:46 AM

Shane Wright chats with Jeff and Elliotte about his gold medal experience at the world under-18 championship in Texas, battling through a few minor injuries during the tournament and skills that he’d like to work on as he enters his draft year. The post Peter Loubardias talks Monahan’s hip surgery and Darryl Sutter appeared first on