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"America Will Always Want To Have Partnership With PM Modi": S Jaishankar

04/12/24 11:23 PM

Highlighting the ties shared between India and the US, External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar on Friday said that America will always want to have a partnership with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and added that whosoever will be the President of the

"Like Noah's Ark": Shelter Hosts Over 350 Animas In Flood-Hit Russian City

04/12/24 9:10 PM

The roaring sound of water pumps filled the deserted streets of the flood-stricken Russian city of Orenburg on Friday as people heeded official warnings to escape.

'Oblivious dope': Ex-Trump adviser smacked down for 'making things up' about voting laws

04/11/24 8:55 PM

Former President Donald Trump and House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) are advancing legislation at an upcoming news conference at Mar-a-Lago that would prohibit non-citizens from voting in federal elections — a development trumpeted by former Trump campaign adviser Steve Cortes on X Thursday."It’s sad that we have to propose and fight for legislation to ban illegal aliens from voting," wrote Cortes, who has served as a commentator on right-wing media in the past. "But that’s what happens when Democrats allow millions to illegally cross into our country to try and rig our elections."There's just one problem with this: it is not legal anywhere in the United States for non-citizens to vote, and there is no push by Democratic officials to make it legal. A handful of large cities with significant immigrant communities have experimented with allowing non-citizens to vote, but only in local elections, on special ballots that don't allow them to vote on any higher offices than that.ALSO READ: Who will Robert F. Kennedy Jr. hurt more in Election 2024? History has an answer.Commenters on social media were swift to mock Cortes' crusade on a nonexistent issue."This is purely a stunt. It is already illegal for non-citizens to vote in federal elections," wrote Democratic voting rights attorney and Democracy Docket founder Marc Elias."It's already illegal for undocumented immigrants to vote in federal elections," wrote immigration attorney Aaron Reichlin-Melnick. "It's so illegal that it's a felony, a ground of deportation, AND a near-permanent ban to receiving any future immigration benefit.""Next Republicans are going to introduce legislation to prevent zoo animals from voting," wrote author Steve Tally. "Zoo animals can’t vote either, but that’s not stopping the GOP from making things up.""I just hope they don’t delay the bill to prevent the moon from crashing into the earth and other things that aren’t happening," wrote author T. J. Stiles.'You already CANT vote in federal elections if you are not a citizen, you oblivious dope!" wrote the account @DrYardSale."Here is a map of all the states where non-citizens are allowed to vote in federal elections," wrote former Obama administration adviser Steven Rattner, posting a map of the United States where not a single state was highlighted.

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$2 million grant saves Catalina's only hospital from closure — for now

04/12/24 10:00 AM

A lifeline grant delays the closure of Catalina's only hospital, as rural healthcare facilities face funding challenges across California.

'I can't focus on anything but rage.' Pro-Palestinian protests roil elite Pomona College

04/12/24 10:00 AM

Claremont Colleges students and faculty rallied on campus less than a week after 19 students were arrested for occupying the Pomona College president's office.

1 dead as man intentionally crashes semi-truck into Texas DPS office: Officials

04/12/24 4:43 PM

One person was killed and more than a dozen injured after a man allegedly intentionally crashed a stolen semi-truck into a Texas Department of Public Safety office.

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'Bear Bets': The Group Chat's thoughts on Kentucky, NBA and MLB futures bets

04/11/24 10:00 AM

The Group Chat dives into the Kentucky coaching situation, plus shares its favorite futures bets on college baksetball, MLB and NBA.

'Force of nature': Kayla Harrison brings an iron will to UFC 300

04/11/24 2:04 PM

The Olympic judo champ and survivor lands on the biggest stage in her MMA debut at UFC 300 against Holly Holm.

'I don't think the result changes' – Denny Hamlin on controversial restart rule in Toyota Owners 400

04/06/24 11:33 PM

"I don't think the result changes." – Denny Hamlin discussed the controversial restart rule with Bob Pockrass after winning the Toyota Owners 400.